Peterhouse Boat Club Fund


2006 May Bumps Tent

Date: 2006-07-30

A new addition to the alumni calendar, this year Peterhouse Boat Club had a tent available for the Friday of the May Bumps, for members and alumni, at First-post corner. This was possible due to the very kind generosity of CTM Information Technology.

We hope to be able to offer a similar event next year, perhaps with a small fee to cover the cost of food and drink, and we are keen to hear from anyone interested in either attending or sponsoring such an event.


PBC / CTM May Bumps Tent PBC / CTM May Bumps Tent Awaiting the cannon Fantastic views of the start Peterhouse 3rd Men bump LMBC Peterhouse 3rd Men after the bump King's Ladies comfortably ahead Pembroke bump Trinity Hall View down the Gut Caius bump Corpus Happy Clare crew