Peterhouse Boat Club Fund

Boat Club Documents

Many Petreans have left a reminder of their time in PBC, in the form of written notes or booklets. Over the past few years the Club has been very lucky to be offered copies of several of these, and they have been typed up to make them available to our members.

Work is currently underway to make Roland Mayer's "Short History", Brian Oxley's "You can win this" and Bob Beresford's "Crews and Races, 1948-1958" available on this website. Early PDF drafts of the first two are now available, and are being converted for use on the website. We hope to have a version of Bob Beresford's work online in the near future.

As with all of this site, our records may not be complete, and mistakes may well have been made. We would be very grateful for any feedback or corrections.