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Brian Oxley

Brian matriculated in 1954, to study engineering. This was at a time when PBC was very much a force, and was rapidly ascending the Lent Bump charts.

Brian became Captain of Boats in 1955-6, and ably led the club into its most successful year ever.

Under Brian’s leadership, Peterhouse won the Fairbairn Cup in 1955 and the University Clinker IVs. In the next term, the goal was clear; the Lents Headship, and they bumped 1st and 3rd Trinity, LMBC and Jesus to get there. This was is the most recent Headship attained by PBC, and saw the burning of a boat on Coe Fen.

The success did not stop there. In the Mays of 1956, the crew went up 5 places, securing the Mitchell Cup for Peterhouse. The crew then went on to compete at Henley Royal Regatta, and won the Ladies Plate, beating Magdalene College by a third of a length in the final.

Brian then spearheaded at foundation of the Peterhouse Boat Club Fund, who have purchased nearly every boat in use today. Brian continues to be a key supporter of both the Club and the Fund.

Brian was renowned for his leadership abilities and ability to bring together a crew despite struggles and disagreement. His good friend and Olympic Oarsman, Tom Askwith, said the following of the 1955-6 year, ‘their success was mainly due to…. their dynamic captain, Brian Oxley’.