Peterhouse Boat Club Fund


This website is being gradually assembled as part of the Spirit of '56 Campaign, with information contributed by members of Peterhouse Boat Club (both past and present) and assembled and organised by Alex Collins, m.2002, who is currently in his final year reading Part II Management Studies.

Any comments, suggestions or corrections would be most welcome, and contribution is encouraged. We would very much welcome any interesting or amusing stories (for example, about old boatmen, coaches, crews or boat club suppers) any information that will assist us in filling is parts of PBC's history, or, in fact any part of the website.

It is hoped that the PBCF website can both provide a valuable focus point for information on the Spirit of '56 Campaign, whilst also allowing PBC to share its rich and interesting history with a wider audience, in addition to making other memementos and memorabilia able to be seen by all members of both Peterhouse Boat Club and Peterhouse.

Please email any comments to: a.j.collins.02 at cantab dot net