Peterhouse Boat Club Fund

Management Committee

The Peterhouse Boat Club Fund Management Committee, established in 2004 when the Master and Fellows of Peterhouse were appointed as the sole trustee of the Boat Club Fund, was elected by the Governing Body of Peterhouse as follows:

Chairman - Professor Chris Calladine

Professor Calladine has been heavily involved with running the Boat Club Fund since the late 1960s, whilst a fellow of Peterhouse. He was awarded Honorary First Mays Colours in 2004 for his life-long commitment to the club.

Secretary - Mr Neil Plevy

Mr Plevy is the Peterhouse Development Director, and in addition to managing the work and fundraising of the Boat Club Fund, he is responsible for co-ordinating all development activities within Peterhouse.

Mr B W Oxley

Brian Oxley was Captain of the PBC in 1955-6, when Peterhouse Boat Club won the Ladies' Plate at Henley Royal Regatta and the Lent Bumps' Headship. Brian spearheaded the foundation of the PBCF and has supported the club ever since.

Dr T G Hewlett

Gordon Hewlett was stroke of the successful 1955-6 crew and Captain during the following year. Gordon has long supported the club both as a trustee of the Boat Club Fund and on the towpath as both a supporter and coach.

Mr J M T Ambrose

Biography to follow.

Mr A J A Muston

Andy Muston was Captain of the PBC and Honorary Secretary of the CUBC. He has been one of PBCs primary coaches for over 20 years.

Mr M Cannon

Matt is director of CTM - an information technology firm who sponsor Peterhouse Boat Club. In 1998, Matt rowed in the 1st VIII, and has coached the Ladies 1st VIII for several years.

Captain, PBC - Keith Grimes

Keith is Captain of PBC, and a Senior Scholar in Engineering. Keith has previously Captained Peterhouse Rugby, and is enlisted in the University Royal Naval Unit.

Senior Treasurer, PBC - The Revd Dr J B Quash

Dr Ben Quash is Dean of Peterhouse and Senior Treasurer of the PBC. He was an undergraduate at Peterhouse from 1987-90 and coxed Peterhouse crews during this time.