Peterhouse Boat Club Fund

About the PBCF

The Peterhouse Boat Club Fund was established in 1956, originally by Mr B W Oxley, the late Mr N A Kaye and the late Dr R W K Hinton, who had acted as first Trustees.

In the 1960s Professor Calladine replaced Dr Hinton as a Trustee, and, as Secretary, had taken responsibility for the administration of the Fund, which had hitherto been delegated to Mr Kaye’s clerk; donation arrangements were later been placed in the hands of the Charities Aid Foundation. Further Trustees have been added over the years.

With the abolition of deeds of covenant and their replacement with simpler donation arrangements under the government Gift Aid scheme in about 2000, and the creation of the College’s Development Office in that year, the involvement of the Charities Aid Foundation had progressively dwindled, and the Development Office had taken responsibility for donation matters.

In 2003-04 the Trustees concluded, on legal advice, that sole Trusteeship of the Peterhouse Boat Club Fund should pass to the Master and Fellows of Peterhouse, and the Governing Body approved. The College resolved to effect its trusteeship by creation of a Peterhouse Boat Club Fund Management Committee, including the membership of the extant former Trustees; and that the bank account of the Fund should be transferred to a College bank account. Disbursements from that account would be made by the Senior Bursar at the request of representatives of the Management Committee, at the point that sufficient funds had been collected from the donations of subscribers to the Fund to procure an item of new equipment, usually by outright purchase of a boat, for the Boat Club.

The 50th Anniversary of Peterhouse Boat Club's 1955-1956 annus mirabilis sees the PBCF launching an ambitious fundraising campaign to commemorate the successes of the many years of hard work by Peterhouse crews that led to the many successes the club enjoyed during this year. This fundraising campaign, led by members of the Boat Club, intends to establish a lasting legacy to future Petreans, by establishing an endowment fund capable of meeting the equipment requirements of the club in perpetuity.